• Effective viscosity of 2D suspensions - Confinement effects.
    V. Doyeux, S. Priem, L. Jibuti, A. Farutin, M. Ismaïl, and P. Peyla
    accepted PR Fluid
  • Thesis (in English) : Modélisation et simulation de systèmes multi-fluides. Application aux écoulements sanguins.
    V. Doyeux
    Université de Grenoble, 2014
  • Simulation of two-fluid flows using a Finite-element/level set method. Application to bubbles and vesicle dynamics
    V. Doyeux, Y. Guyot, V. Chabannes, C. Prud'homme and M. Ismail
    Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (JCAM), 2013, 246, 251-259
  • Simulation of vesicle using level set method solved by high order finite element.
    V. Doyeux, V. Chabannes, C. Prud'homme and M. Ismail
    ESAIMS: Proc, 2012, 38, 335-347
  • Feel++ : a computational framework for Galerkin methods and advanced numerical methods
    C. Prud'homme, V. Chabannes, V. Doyeux, M. Ismail, A. Samake, and G. Pena
    ESAIMS: Proc, 2012, 38, 429-455
  • Spheres in the vicinity of a bifurcation: elucidating the Zweifach-Fung effect
    V. Doyeux, T. Podgorski, S. Peponas, M. Ismail and G. Coupier
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 2011, 674, 359-388
  • Anomalously Large Polarization Effect Responsible for Excitonic Red Shifts in PbSe Quantum Dot Solids
    A. Wolcott, V. Doyeux, C. Nelson, R. Gearba, K.W. Lei, K.G. Yager, A.D. Dolocan, K. Williams, D. Nguyen and X.-Y. Zhu
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 2011, 2, 795-800